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Rising Demand and Limited Supply

Bitcoins are one of the most important innovations since the internet and the Bitcoin price continues to make all-time highs. Here’s why:

  • Bitcoins are the fastest growing currency units in the world
  • Bitcoins compete with Swiss Francs & Gold as the ultimate safe haven
  • Individuals, investors and corporations are embracing Bitcoins
  • The price of a Bitcoin has risen by more than 1100% since January 2013
  • Bitcoins give 3 billion of the world’s poorest access to simple banking
  • The supply of Bitcoins is fixed at 21 million, less than 6 million remain
  • Bitcoins offer the potential for high returns as the market matures

Our belief is that people can take advantage of this growth by focusing on a specialist asset that is likely to continue soaring in price due to rising demand and a fixed supply of 21 million Bitcoins.

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